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Onsite Ensuite
# Do I need a permit?
Consult your local authority regarding this. Connection to an existing sewage facility may not require a consent, but most Local Authorities will require a building consent. We can help with this.
# How much will a unit cost to install?
This depends on the site and existing services. We recommend that you look into this as part of your site plan. A greenfield site will require either a cesspool that can be pumped out or a septic tank, an electricity supply , and a supply of water. We make the units so they can be located in a full range of environments, so your Onsite ensuite can be designed around your site.
# Would you recommend gas or electric to heat the water?
Again this depends on the services on site. We do recommend a gas water heating system if you are considering buying 2 or more units as the calorfont will keep 3 onsite ensuites going with continuous hotwater, which is invaluable on busy sites and more economical when purchasing.
# Ok so they look the bees knees but how much are they?
Depending on spec and water heating option these units start from as little as $12,850.00 + GST and delivery.
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