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Benefits of de Geest

pre-built bathrooms


Production in a factory environment offers the following advantages over on-site construction:

  • ​improved dimensional accuracy - reduces tolerance problems on-site

  • better control of environment - for example, temperature or humidity for curing of grouts/adhesives/finishes

  • improved quality control which is easily carried out at every step of production process.  A high standard of finish is assured

  • cost is reduced because of efficiency in production, materials handling, waste disposal, and quality control

  • architects can inspect each unit before delivery

  • allows individual testing of all plumbing and electrical reticulation prior to installation


  • receives high quality finish in critical area

  • shortens construction period

  • easier to co-ordinate planning and programming of project

  • cost savings - through benefits and a more controlled final cost

  • no site storage problems re materials, fittings, etc.

  • eliminates major waste disposal problems on-site

  • sealing of bathroom to as late as possible in construction programme ensures protection and therefore

  • eliminates damage, thus maintenance costs

  • eliminates pilferage, thus replacement costs

  • eliminates cost of protecting partly finished bathrooms on-site e.g. bath linings

  • reduces congestion of tradespeople on-site

  • allows individual testing of all plumbing and electrical reticulations prior to installation



A prototype means the architect and developer/client can view the complete concept in a finished state. This allows changes in design to be made before production begins. It also allows the primary contractor and associated trades to become familiar with the concept. Thus the co-ordination aspect between off-site and on-site naturally occurs.


  • Hotels

  • Motels

  • Highrise Office Developments

  • Hospitals

  • Retirement Villages

  • Housing Developments

  • Refurbishments

  • Anywhere that repetition occurs in building/construction


We ship to you ready for installation.

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